dot.gitmy computer configuration root13 months
dotfiles.gitpersonal computer configuration root13 months
emacs.d.gitmy personal emacs configuration root13 months
mirrord.gitmirror git repository asynchronously root13 months
nsd.gitfork of an authoritative, RFC compliant DNS nameserver. root13 months
privatebin.gita simple portable command line interface for privatebin server root13 months
rb-cmdline.gita command line parser written in ruby root13 months
rb-connection-pool.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. root13 months
rb-logger.gitA mordern logger for Ruby application root13 months
rb-rwlock-sandbox.gitpure ruby implementation of read write lock root13 months
rb-rwlock.gitSimple pure Ruby implementation of the read write lock mutex. root13 months
realpath.gitbackport of FreeBSD realpath bin for MacOS root13 months
ruby/ruby.gitpersonnal fork of the ruby programming language root13 months